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DAN's Story 


My Nightmare

By Dan Perkins 

Let me start off by saying this is a true story. It's my story, and unfortunately for me, it's not over. My story began when more and more reports of breakthrough infections of COVID-19 and the Delta variant were being reported. In addition, stories emanating from the CDC that it was possible to be infected by the virus even though a person has been through the complete immunization process.


The story started when my wife and I started talking about going from Southwest Florida to the northeast for Christmas to be with our children and grandchildren. It's no longer practical to drive such a great distance, so we have flown north for the holidays in past years. We didn't fly last year because we didn't have the vaccine, so we had a virtual Christmas. While we now both have shots, I was concerned that I didn't know how many antibodies I have in my system.

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