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Because America needed a fresh approach to how narratives and media content are disseminated Darrell, and Dan stepped up to navigate the daunting terrains of talk media.

In addition, because of the downward spiral of civility that has become the conduit that deeply divides the country, and we are no longer having open, honest, and civil discussions about any issues energized the building of this network. Darrell, and Dan committed themselves, their resources and faith to make a visible difference with the Black and White network for both radio and TV. No talk network has created space to address issues in an open and respectful way without bias…until now. We are here to bring people together - MILLIONS have longed for a media space to effectively engage the dissenting voices against America's freedom and 1st amendment rights.

The Network reaches over 7 million dedicated data-driven listeners who enjoy insightful and robust conversations. In addition, we realize this network is a powerful tool to bring people together and build relationships that will last for many generations.

We invite the audience to send questions that we can address in future episodes. From time to time, we may invite special guests to contribute to the subject matter.

America needs to start talking in a respectful and civil way.
BLACK AND WHITE is the new beginning to have conversations about the issues of our day.

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Darrell Neely

Co-Host of Black & White 

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Dan Perkins

Co-Host of Black & White